The Scientific Council of the Academy consists of the president, as its chairperson, Secretary, Vice-Presidents, heads of departments and the head, Council of Science and Technology Foresight. Their sessions are held every two weeks.



Studies on policies and scientific programs of the Academy and proposing it to the General Body for sanction
Development and approval of the regulation of implementing the Academy’s scientific activities and passing it to the General Body for sanction
Specifying the duties of scientific departments
Studies and comments made on scientific projects and referring them to the departments concerned
Determination of critical problems for researching, and recommending them to relevant scientific centers
Development of codes of awarding rewards, prizes and medals to deserving scholars, and referring the proposed codes to the Board of Trustees for approval
Nomination of eligible scholars for receiving rewards, prizes, medals, and for awarding sabbatical leaves; and referring their names to the General Body for approval
Studies and comments made on codes of promoting the quality of national seminars, congresses and conferences and evaluation of international gatherings.
Performing of other works that are referred to this Council from the Board of Trustees, General Body and the President


Members of The Scientific Council:          
Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani
Prof. Mohammad Shahedi
Prof. Mohammadreza Shams Ardekani
Prof. Abbas Sharifi Tehrani
Prof. saeed sohrabpour
Prof. Abdolrahim Govahi
Prof. Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad
Prof. Mohammad-Gholi Nadalian
Prof. Hossein Namazi
Prof. Yousef Sobouti
Prof. Hassan Zohoor

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