The book entitled "Water Deficit Crop Production in Iran: Strategies and Applications" compiled by Prof. Alireza Koocheki and Dr. Mohammad Khaje Hosseini, is published. It contains 16 chapters and 599 pages. Each chapter is written by one or several authors. Totally 21 professors of the universities and researchers of the research institutes have contributed to this work.


The aim of the editors for the publication of this work is based on the following points:


  • Provision of comprehensive viewpoints in water management
  • Placing increased emphasis on the findings and results of the regional and national researches
  • Stressing the importance of water management in micro and macro scales from water catchments to the fields
  • Focusing on water management in agroecosystems scale while paying attention to the improvement of the efficiency and productivity of water
  • Presenting available new methods and models in water management

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